• QIntervention

    QIntervention enables you to work out your risk of diabetes, heart disease, or stroke over the next 10 years and show you how that risk could change with interventions such as stopping smoking, losing weight, lowering your blood pressure or taking cholesterol lowering medication. It also shows unintended effects of statins.


  • British Heart Foundation

    View information on cholesterol, its causes and how you can reduce your cholesterol level.


  • Real food real health

    We are running a healthy living course in the Chorlton, Whalley Range and Fallowfield neighbourhood called “Real Food Real Health”.
    Do you need additional support in better managing your weight and (if applicable) diabetes?
    Would you like to try a different approach in a safe and encouraging environment by using a whole food, strength-based approach, peer-led and tailored to your values and needs?
    Would you like to learn how to maintain those changes to suit your life and environment and much more?
    The course is run by a neighbourhood dietician and two health coaches and it is free.

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    Real food real health course

  • Cholesterol –

    View information on cholesterol, risk factors and treatments available to reduce the risk.

    Cholesterol Information

    Statins and Other Lipid-lowering Medicines

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